Human resources

the people who make up an organization's workforce

Human resources is all the people working for a company or organization. Sometimes, human capital is used as well. This is because employees (the people that work) are a good thing for a business because they add value to it.

The economist John Commons used the term "human resource" in his 1893 book, The Distribution of Wealth, but did not develop it further. The concept of "human resources" was in use during the 1910s and 20s in the sense that workers were perceived as a type of capital asset. For the first time in the modern sense, the concept of "human resource" was used by economist Edward Bakke in his report in 1958.

Examples are teachers, etc.

It is important that human resources in a company are the best possible, because it is the workers that can make the difference. There are many factors to think about when talking of human resources:

  • Demographics, which is things like the age and sex of the people. It is important that there are both new young people starting and old people with lots of knowledge around a business.
  • Diversity, so that all type of people are represented equally.
  • Skills and qualifications: it is important that only people with the right skills do a job. Otherwise, it will be a loss of time and money.

Human resources management is the group of people within a company that takes care of human resources. They make sure every employee is happy with what they are doing. They also do recruitment (finding new people for a job).

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