Reem Al Numery

Yemeni child rights activist

Reem Al Numery is a children's rights activist in Yemen. In 2009 she received the International Women of Courage Award. [1]

Reem al Numery from Yemen


When Al Numery was 12 years old, she had to marry her 30-year-old cousin. She protested the wedding, but her father gagged her and tied her up. After the wedding, she tried to kill herself twice. [1]

Al Numery's father would not let her have a divorce. A judge said she was too young to decide, and she could decide when she was 15 years old. [2] Al Numery went to live with her mother. Her lawyer said she would appeal. [1] Reem's father said he would kidnap her but Al Numery wanted to go to school. [3] She got her divorce in 2010 [4]


  • In 2009 Al Numery received the International Women of Courage Award from the U.S. State Department. [1]
  • In 2010 Al Numery was named one of Time Magazine's most influential people. [5]


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