First King of Judah

Rehoboam was the son of King Solomon. After Solomon died Rehoboam became king of Israel. When Jeroboam asked Rehoboam to get rid of the hight taxes that Solomon had, Rehoboam talked to his father’s advisors and they told him to listen. And Rehoboam also asked his friends and they told him to ignore what Jeroboam was saying. So Rehoboam told Jeroboam and his followers “I have more strength in my little finger than my father had in his entire body, if my father whipped you with lashes then I shall whip you with scorpions”. After that most of the tribes of Israel left Rehoboam to make their own kingdom. Then Rehoboam felt remorse and sent his tax collector Adoniram to make peace with Jereoboam’s followers but then they threw stones at him until he died so Rehoboam ran away. Then Jeroboam called his kingdom, the kingdom of Israel, while Rehoboam called his own kingdom Judah. Rehoboam planned to invade and conquer Jeroboam’s kingdom in the North but the prophet Shemaya told him not to do that so he didn’t.