Religion in North Macedonia

religion in the country

Orthodox Church today is far as well as the predominant religion of North Macedonia, with the majority of Macedonians adhere to the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Approximately 63% of the population of North Macedonia are Orthodox Christians.

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Religion in North Macedonia

  Orthodox Christianity (63%)
  Islam (36%)
  Other Christianities and religions (1%)
A church in Radoviš

Islam is the second religious group behind Macedonian Orthodox Church group with one-fourth of the total population of Macedonia or 33.33% of the total population, with most of Albanian and Turkish people, along with the minority of the Macedonian people. There are higher estimates that says at least 36% of the population are Muslims.

By 2020, Orthodox Christianity will fall about 53.7%, Muslims will increase to 43.6%, and other Christian domination will be 1%, Irreligious will be 1.3%, and other religions will make 0.4%.