Republic of Upper Volta

former country (1958–1984) in West Africa

Republic of Upper Volta is an old name for the country in Africa which is known as Burkina Faso today. It was a French colony, which became independent in 1960. Upper Volta existed as a French colony from 1918 to 1932. In 1932, it was disbanded, and its territory was shared between the neighboring countries, French Sudan, Niger and Ivory Coast. In 1947, Upper Volta was restored, with its former borders.

Republic of Upper Volta
République de Haute-Volta (French)
Flag of Upper Volta
Coat of arms of Upper Volta
Coat of arms
Motto: "Unité – Travail – Justice" (in French)
"Unity – Work – Justice"
Anthem: Hymne National Voltaïque
Location of Upper Volta
Common languagesFrench
• 1959–1966
Maurice Yaméogo
• 1982–1983
Jean-Baptiste Ouédraogo
• 1983–1984
Thomas Sankara
High Commissioner 
• 1958–1959
Max Berthet
• 1959–1960
Paul Masson
Prime Minister 
• 1971–1974
Gérard Kango Ouédraogo
• 1983
Thomas Sankara
Historical eraCold War
December 11 1958
August 5, 1960
• Renamed
August 4 1984
CurrencyCFA franc
Preceded by
Succeeded by
French Upper Volta
Burkina Faso
Today part of Burkina Faso
Map showing the Volta River in Upper Volta.