Revolver (magazine)

bi-monthly rock and heavy metal magazine

Revolver is a monthly hard rock and heavy metal magazine published by Future US. It started as a magazine that was about more popular styles of music, but then changed to what it is now. The magazine is put together a lot like Spin, and also writes about the heavy metal and punk subcultures. It has cover stories (usually centering on a band's new album, song, or upcoming tour), album reviews, instrument reviews, and a section for readers to get advice from a celebrity.

Editor in ChiefTom Beaujour[1]
CategoriesMusic magazine
PublisherFuture US, Inc.
First issueSpring 2000
Country United States

Another notable feature of the magazine is its coverage of underground and up-and-coming bands from all over the world. Instead of focusing only on the most popular bands, Revolver introduces a lot that are not played on the radio or on MTV.

Its slogan is: "The World's Loudest Rock Magazine!"

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