fictional character

Rincewind is a fictional character created by Terry Pratchett for his Discworld series. He is the protagonist of the early books.

The Colour of Magic change

In the first Discworld book, The Colour of Magic, Rincewind was once a student at a magic university. He was very bad at being a wizard. His friends dared him to look in a dangerous forbidden spellbook called The Octavo. When Rincewind looked in the book, one of its eight spells jumped into his head. Because of this,he could never learn any new spells. It also made him forget all the spells he already knew. After this, Rincewind was banished from Unseen University. He started to earn money as a translator. He pretended to be a wizard who became a tour guide for Twoflower, the deuteragonist of the book.

The Light Fantastic change

In the sequel The Light Fantastic, Rincewind has to stop an evil wizard named Trymon and save the Discworld from being destroyed.

Mort change

Rincewind is in the book Mort but is not an important character.

Sourcery change

Rincewind is the protagonist of the book Sourcery. In the book, he teams up with a warrior woman and a man who has no idea how to be a hero. They join together to stop the Discworld from being destroyed.

Eric change

In the book, Eric which is a parody of Faust, Eric tries to raise a demon from Hell but gets Rincewind instead.

Interesting Times change

In the book Interesting Times, Rincewind meets Twoflower again. Rincewind accidentally gets involved in a revolution on Twoflower’s home continent.

The Last Continent change

In the book The Last Continent, Rincewind accidentally ends up in the Discworld version of Australia while the other wizards are looking for him.

The Last Hero change

In the novel, The Last Hero, Rincewind and Carrot are the characters who try to keep Cohen the Barbarian from giving fire back to the gods to keep the world from ending.

Unseen Academicals change

In the book Unseen Academicals, Rincewind is a minor character, He is on the Unseen University soccer team.

Raising Steam change

In the book Raising Steam, the second to last Discworld book, Rincewind is in a footnote.