Robert II of France

king of the Franks from 996 to 1031

Robert II of France (March 27, 972 – July 20, 1031) was born in Orleans, France. He was the son of Hugh Capet and Adelaide of Aquitaine. He was married to Constance of Arles.

Robert II
Seal of King Robert II
King of the Franks
30 December 987 – 24 October 996;
24 October 996 – 20 July 1031
Coronation25 December 987
SuccessorHenry I
Bornc. 972
Orléans, France
Died20 July 1031(1031-07-20) (aged 58–59)
Melun, France
Saint Denis Basilica, Paris, France
SpouseRozala of Italy
(m. 988; ann. 996)
Bertha of Burgundy
(m. 996; ann. 1001)
Constance of Arles
(m. 1001/03; his death)
Advisa, Countess of Nevers
Hugh Magnus
Henry I of France
Adela, Countess of Flanders
Robert I, Duke of Burgundy
HouseHouse of Capet
FatherHugh Capet
MotherAdelaide of Aquitaine

Robert was succeeded by his son Henry I of France. Robert is buried in the Saint Denis Basilica.