Robo Vampire

1988 film

Robo Vampire (or Robovamp) is a 1988 Hong Kong sci-fi action movie directed by Godfrey Ho, footage lift from Against the World an 1984 Thai action movie. Featuring the characters Tom Wilde/Robo Warrior played by Harry Miles.

Robo Vampire
Directed byGodfrey Ho
Written byGodfrey Ho
Produced byTomas Tang
StarringNian Watts
Harry Miles
CinematographyAnthony Mang
Edited byGeorge Lewis
Music byIan Wilson
Filmark International
Distributed byNikkatsu Video (Japan)
Eden Entertainment (2000, US)
Release dates
  • October 22, 1988 (1988-10-22) (Hong Kong)
  • October 31, 2000 (2000-10-31) (United States)
Running time
91 minutes
CountriesHong Kong
United States

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Narcotics agent Tom Wilde is given a second chance at life after being shot and killed. In a futuristic experiment, agent Wilde is returned to life as an Android Robot. He is sent on a very dangerous mission into the depths of the golden Triangle to rescue Sophie, a beautiful undercover agent who has been captured by the evil drug warlord Mr. Young and his inhuman creation the Vampire Beast.

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Devil's Dynamite is loose sequel that is sometimes billed as "Robo Vampire 2: Devil's Dynamite" or "Robo Ninja VS Vampires". It is called a "sequel" to Robo Vampire, despite this movie having been released a year prior in 1987.

Steve (Tsung Hua) is a gambler getting out of prison and looking to get revenge on Mary (Angela Mao), the crime boss who sent him to the clink. Also on Mary's trail is Alex (Ling Yun), a police officer who has the ability to turn into the silver lame-swaddled hero Shadow Warrior. So, as any sane person would do, Mary hires an evil Taoist priest to create a group of vampire assassins to protect her - An extremely strange film that mashes up vampires, ninjas and superheroes.

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