Roman Shukhevych

Chief commander of the Ukrainian nationalist army (1907-1950); responsible for Wolyn Massacre of Poles. He was assassinated by nkvd on march 5 1950. He was buried in unmarked grave without any ceremony.

Roman-Taras Yosypovych Shukhevych (Ukrainian: Роман Йосипович Шухевич, also known by his pseudonym Taras Chuprynka; 30 June 1907 – 5 March 1950) was a Ukrainian politician, military leader and general of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

Roman Shukhevych
Roman Shukhevych
NicknameTaras Chuprynka
Born(1907-06-30)30 June 1907
Krakovets, Galicia, Austria–Hungary
Died5 March 1950(1950-03-05) (aged 42)
Bilohorscha, Lviv, Ukrainian SSR
AllegianceUVO (1925–1929)
OUN (1929–1940)
OUN-B (1940–1950)
Carpatho-Ukraine (1939)
 Nazi Germany (1941–1942)
Ukraine National Government (1941)
UHVR (1944–1950)
Service/branchPolish Army (1928–1929)
Carpathian Sich (1938–1939)
Nachtigall Battalion (1941)
Schuma (1941–1942)
UPA (1943–1950)
Years of service1928–1950
Battles/warsInvasion of Carpatho-Ukraine
World War II
Insurgency in western Ukraine
AwardsUPA-strichka.png Military Merit Cross

Member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. Commander (from Ukrainian side) of the Nachtigall Battalion (1941–1942). Chairman of the General Secretariat of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (1943–1950).

Shukhevych was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Ukraine by President Viktor Yushchenko.[1]


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