Romanian Revolution

1989 popular uprising in Romania against the regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu
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The Romanian Revolution of 1989 was a week-long series of violent riots and fighting in Romania. It took place in late December of 1989. The fighting began to end Nicolae Ceauşescu's control of the Communist state. In 1989, similar revolutions ended Communist governments in other countries in Eastern Europe. Revolutions in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Albania were peaceful, but in Romania, the revolution was violent and led to the deaths of many, including Ceausescu.

Romanian Revolution of 1989
Part of the Cold War

Romanian stamp commemorating the Romanian Revolution
DateDecember 16–25, 1989
Result Revolution succeeded
Ceauşescu and wife executed
Romania Socialist Republic of Romania
Romania Securitate and other loyalist forces
Anti-Ceauşescu protesters
Romanian army
Discontented Communist party members
Commanders and leaders
Nicolae Ceauşescu Various independent leaders
Casualties and losses
1,104 deaths