Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

military forces of the Russian Federation
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The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are the military of Russia, created after the breakup of the Soviet Union. The Armed Forces is known to be one of the biggest in the world with about 1,200,000 troops active. Russia also makes its own weapons.[1] The Armed Forces has 6 branches: Russian Air Force, Russian Ground Forces, Russian Navy, Strategic Missile Troops, Russian Space Troops and the Russian Airborne Troops. The Commander-In-Chief is the President of Russia.

The banner of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
A Russian tank.



When the Soviet Union broke up, Russia and the various other countries got parts of its large armed forces. The country's president, Boris Yeltsin, had to fix Russia and build up the military. So, Yeltsin appointed himself the Russian minister of defence. Eventually, CIS helped Russia get its defence into shape. Then in 1993, a doctrine was made to set up the official military.[2]



As of 2008, 480,000 men joined the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The term is usually a year. Russians can join at the age of 18 to 27 years old. Like any other Armed Forces, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has ranks. The ranks are open to non-Russian citizens as well.[3]


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