Rye Beach, New Hampshire

human settlement in New Hampshire, United States of America

Rye Beach is a community in the U.S. state of New Hampshire. It used to be called Pannaway.[1] It is along the Atlantic Ocean. It is in Rye, New Hampshire, United States. It is along New Hampshire Route 1A, near the south of a town named "Rye".

The "Ocean House" in Rye Beach.

In the community, there is a hostel. It is called the "Ocean house" and it was built in 1884. When it was built, it was small, but over time, it reached 4 stories and it had room for 250 guests. It was called the Philbrick Hotel when it was first built, but an Admiral called David Farragut visited the hotel, so it sometimes was called "Farragut House".[2]

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