The SC Bewegung XX was an Austrian football club from Brigittenau district in Austrias capital Vienna. Brigittenau is the 20th district of Vienna. From 1922 to 1946 the club played almost continuously for 22 seasons in the second highest league, the second class or II. Liga.

History change

The club was was founded in 1913. They began to play in the championship after the end of the First World War. 1922 they were promoted to the 2nd class. The Bewegungs-XX-Platz was renovated and opened in April with a 1:4 against first division club Wiener Sport-Club. The team was able to play for promotion to the first class right from the start (1922/23 they finished second , 1923/24 third). An important member of the team was Friedrich Gschweidl. He played later for the Wunderteam.

1924 professionalism was introduced for the first two levels. Bewegung XX decided to go into the highest amateur league. After reaching the title there, they chose to return to the second league. The club took part in this league without interruption up to the 1936/37 season. In April 1934 they changed the name to Brigittenauer AK. 1937 they were relegated but promoted again in 1938. The BAK finally had to enter into a syndicate with SV Eis Wien in 1942 to continue playing.

After the end of the Second World War in the 1945/46 season they were relegated to the third division. They stopped playing championship soon after that.