Saitō Makoto

Prime Minister of Japan (1858-1936)
In this Japanese name, the family name is Saitō.

Saitō Makoto (斎藤 実, October 27, 1858 – February 26, 1936) was a Japanese naval officer and politician.[1]

Saitō Makoto

Early life change

Saitō was born in Iwate Prefecture.[1] He was a member of the sixth class which graduated from the Japanese Naval Academy.[2]

Career change

Saitō rose to the rank of Admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy.[1]

He was Japanese Governor-General of Korea from 1919 to 1927.[1] He returned to Korea as Governor-General from 1929 to 1931.[3]

He was Prime minister from 1932 to 1934.[1]

Death change

Saitō continued to be an important figure in politics as Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal from 26 December 1935. He was shot dead during February 26 Incident in 1936 at his home in Yotsuya, Tokyo. His predecessor was also killed along with several other top-rank politicians targeted by the rebels.

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