Saltwater fish

fish that live all or much of their lives in seawater

Saltwater fish, also called marine fish or sea fish, are fish that live in seawater. Saltwater fish can swim and live alone or in a large group called a school.

A swordfish (Xiphias gladius) swims in its natural environment.

Saltwater fish are very commonly kept in aquariums for entertainment. Many saltwater fish are also caught to be eaten, or grown in aquaculture. However, many fish species have been overfished and are otherwise threatened by marine pollution or ecological changes caused by climate change.

Habitat change

Saltwater fish live in the ocean. For example, the butterfly kingfish lives in the ocean. This ray-finned fish has had many common names, including big-scaled mackerel, bigscale mackerel, common gasterochisma, gasterochisma, butterfly mackerel, butterfly tuna, pachycormid, little pachycormid, scaled tunny, scaly tuna, and others.

Threats change

Saltwater fish face many threats. Common threats include overfishing, pollution, habitat loss, destruction, climate change, and invasive species. These threats come with a multitude of negative direct and indirect affects to marine ecosystems.

Overfishing change

A net catcxhing cod (Gadiformes)

Overfishing is the most common cause of fish declining. Not too many of us are overfishing, since most coral reefs are protected. However, since fish is a popular food, we are trying to catch fish with nets.

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