Sam Walton

American businessman

Samuel Moore Walton was an American businessman. He was born on March 29, 1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.[1] Walton created the well-known American stores, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. Walton was born to Thomas Gibson Walton and Nancy Lee Walton. He was part of the Walton family, which is one of the richest families in the world. Walton died on April 6, 1992.

Samuel Moore Walton
BornMarch 29, 1918
DiedApril 6, 1992 (aged 74)
Cause of deathMultiple myeloma
Occupation(s)Chairman, Wal-Mart
Spouse(s)Helen Walton
(m. 1943-1992, his death)
ChildrenS. Robson Walton
John T. Walton (dead)
Jim Walton
Alice Walton

He died a billionaire but was known for driving a pick-up truck instead of an expensive car.[2][3] He also had a military career during WW2. He had joined the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps.

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