Samboedjo Hoerip (born 1913 or 1914 - 19 January 1942) was a tennis player from the Dutch East Indies. Hoerip was indicated by newspaper De nieuwsgier in 1953 as one of the best all-time Indonesian tennis players, next to Kho Sin-Kie.[2] He died being shot down during World War II in his bomber.

Samboedjo Hoerip
Country (sports)Dutch East Indies Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia)
Born1913 or 1914[1]
Semarang, the Dutch East Indies
Died(1942-01-19)19 January 1942
Muar, Malacca

Tennis career change

At the age of 17 years old, he beated the Java-champion Ohye.[1] In 1932 Hoerip was one of the tennis player that played against the Japanese Davis Cup tennis players visiting Semarang.[3][4]

Hoerip represented the Dutch East Indies as one of the three tennis players at the 1934 Far Eastern Championship Games in Manilla.[5][6] One of the other three tennis players was his brother Soemadi Hoerip.[7]

In 1940 Hoerip had multiple times tennis matches against Kho Sin-Kie that attracted a lot of spectators.[7][8]

World War II and death change

In October 1939, on a trial basis with five others, Hoerip was selected for short-term pilot training.[9][10] He started at 1 July 1940 at the "Vlieg- en Waarnemersschool" In 1941 he became a short connection pilot observer. His group, under command by the British, was used against Japan during World War II. Hoerip was shot down on 19 January 1942 in his Glenn Martin bomber at Malacca by Japanese fighters.[10]

Family change

Hoerip came from a tennis family that founded the Indonesian Lawn Tennis Association. Both his brothers Santoso Hoerip and Soemadi Hoerip and sister Soelastri Hoerip were known tennis players.[11][12]

References change

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