island of Indonesia, Southeast Asia

Java (Indonesian: Jawa) is one of the Sunda islands of Indonesia.

Topography of Java

Geography Edit

The area is 132,000 square km. It is the world's 13th largest island. Around 140 million people live there, which is half the people in Indonesia and more than on any other island in the world. Most of them speak the Javanese language and many also speak other languages.

The Java Sea is to the north, the Indian Ocean south. The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is in Java.

Climate Edit

Most of Java has a tropical monsoon climate (Am in the Koeppen climate classification). The northern coast of the island is low-lying. The soil is fertile, because the island was made by volcanoes. It is an important area for growing crops in Indonesia.

Religion Edit

The majority religion in Java island is Islam. Majority of the Javanese are Muslim and they follow the branch of Sunni Islam.

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