natural submerged sandbank that rises from a body of water to near the surface

A sandbar, or shoal is a landform which is in or partly in a body of water. Usually it is made of sand, silt, and/or small pebbles.

A tidal sandbar connecting the islands of Waya and Wayasewa of the Yasawa Islands, Fiji
Sandbar on the Isles of Scilly, off the coast of Cornwall



Shoals are long and narrow ridges. They can develop where a stream, river, or ocean current deposits sediment and granular material.

Shoals look like a coastal landform in the sea. They are classified as a type of ocean bank, or as fluvial landforms in rivers, streams, and lakes.

They are usually made up of sand. They can also be made up of soil, silt, gravel, cobble, shingle, or even boulders.