prefecture-level city in Hainan, China

Sansha (三沙) is a city of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in Hainan Province.[2] The city government's main building was built on Woody Island in the South China Sea.[3]

Aerial view of Yongxing Island (Woody Island), the seat of Sansha
Aerial view of Yongxing Island (Woody Island), the seat of Sansha
Location Sansha jurisdiction (in pink) in Hainan
Location Sansha jurisdiction (in pink) in Hainan
Sansha (South China Sea)
Location of the major islands in Sansha
Coordinates: 16°50′03″N 112°20′15″E / 16.83417°N 112.33750°E / 16.83417; 112.33750
Prefecture24 July 2012
City seatWoody Island
(Yongxing Dao)
 • CPC Municipal Party SecretaryFu Zhuang (符戆)
 • MayorA Dong (阿东)
 • Land< 13 km2 (< 5 sq mi)
 • Water~2,000,000 km2 (~772,000 sq mi)
 • Total1,443
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard Time)
Postal code
Territorial Dispute: There are on-going territorial disputes in the entire area covered by the city, whose administrative authority is not internationally recognized.
"Sansha", as written in Chinese
Hanyu PinyinSānshā
Literal meaningthree sands (referring to the Chinese names for the three island groups)

History change

In 2012, the city was established to administer several uninhabited island groups and undersea atolls in the South China Sea, including the Spratly and Paracel Islands as well as the Macclesfield Bank.[4]

The area of city includes disputed territory not controlled by China.[5]

The city plans to develop virtual economic activity. In early 2013, there were 11 companies that have registered in Sansha. They are paying tax in Sansha.[6]

Timeline change

  • 1911: Guangdong Provincial Government of PRC claims the Xisha Islands as part Hainan's Yaxian County[7]
  • 1959: PRC sets up the Guangdong Province administrative office for Xisha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands[7]
  • 1984: Hainan Administrative Region was set up[7]
  • 1988: Hainan Province was set up to take over the administrative office[7]
  • 2012: Sansha City established[7]

Government change

The first mayor of the city was elected by a People’s Congress with 45 delegates.[6]

The city has a court of justice and a clinic. A kindergarten and a school are being planned.[6]

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