Sardinian language

Romance language indigenous to the island of Sardinia

Sardinian (Sardu, Limba or Lingua sarda) is a Romance language. It is native to the island of Sardinia, a Mediterranean island and autonomous region of Italy. About 1.2 million people speak Sardinian. The main dialects are Campidanese (Campidanian), Gallurese (Gallurian), Logudorese (Logudorian), and Sassarese (Sassarian). The standard version of the language is called Limba Sarda Comuna.

Native toItaly
Native speakers
(~1 million cited 1993-2007)
Official status
Official language in
Regulated byLimba Sarda Comuna
Language codes
ISO 639-1sc
ISO 639-2srd
ISO 639-3srd
Linguasphere51-AAA-s +(Corso-Sardinian) 51-AAA-pd & -pe
Languages and dialects of Sardinia. Sardinian is spoken in all the orange-coloured areas.

Sardinian is often seen as the closest language to Latin. It fought for decades to get basic recognition by the Italian government.

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