School uniform

standardized outfit worn by students of an educational institution

A school uniform is a standard set of clothes that students wear when they go to some schools. It might have a particular color of trousers or skirt, a matching shirt and sometimes a jacket or necktie, with matching shoes.

School uniforms

In some countries, like Germany, students can wear whatever they want whenever they want. In other countries, like England and India there is usually a standard dress code in school, usually a set of dressing for girls and one for boys. Boys and girls need to wear school uniforms when they go to school. In many countries, such as the United States, some schools require wearing a uniform, and some do not.

Originally, school uniforms were introduced to hide the social differences between students, but uniforms can also help with safety. Using standard uniforms can also save the money needed to buy extra clothes as fashion to impress other people at school. Uniforms are also thought to improve discipline and school spirit.

However, school uniforms can also help with health and safety by having clothes which have been tested to be safer when worn. Some fabrics can cause skin rashes in some people, while a uniform can be made of comfortable fabrics. Also, loose-fitting clothes can get caught in machinery or playground equipment, which limits what activities children can do safely.

There are several types of economic bullying which can be lessened by use of school uniforms. When many students are from families with less money, sometimes students with more money have stood out because they wore newer shoes, where neither shoe was in poor shape. In schools where more students are rich, poorer students have been insulted for the old-style or tattered clothes they wore.

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