Sechs Kies

South Korean boy group

Sechs Kies is a South Korean band formed in 1997 with six members by Daesung Enterprise (DSP Media) in order to top H.O.T. The group is known today as one of the founding groups of K-pop and for being the first major groups to break up.

Sechs Kies
Background information
OriginSouth Korea
GenresK-pop, dance, R&B
Years active1997-2000; 2016-Present
LabelsDaesung Entertainment (1997-2000); YG Entertainment (2016-Present)
Jiyong (Inactive)

In 2016, the members (excluding Jiyong,) joined YG Entertainment, and released the song, Three Words. After a series of Collection Albums, the group released the album, Another Light, in 2017, nearly 17 years since breaking up.

Discography change

Albums change

  • School Byolgeok (1997)
  • Welcome to the Sechskies Land (1997)
  • Road Fighter (1998)
  • Com'Back (1999)
  • Another Light (2017)

Mini-Albums change

  • Special (1999)

Compiliations change

  • 1020 Mix (1999)
  • Blue Note (2000)
  • 2016 Re-ALBUM (2016)
  • The 20th Anniversary (2017)

Non-album Singles change

  • Thanks (2000)