Secretary of State of California

chief elections officer of California, United States

The secretary of state of California is the chief clerk of the U.S. state of California, overseeing a department of 500 people. The secretary of state is elected to a four year term.

Secretary of State of California
Great Flag of the California
Shirley Weber

since January 29, 2021
StyleThe Honorable
Madam Secretary
Term lengthFour years, two term limit
Inaugural holderWilliam Van Voorhies
FormationConstitution of California

Shirley Weber is the current secretary of State of California, in office since January 2021.[1]

Duties change

Elections change

Office of the Secretary of State of California in Sacramento

The secretary of state is California's chief elections officer, overseeing all federal and state elections in the state and maintaining a database of registered voters.[2] The officeholder is also responsible for disclosure of campaign and lobbyist financial information, under the California Political Reform Act of 1974.

Corporations change

The Office of the Secretary of State has a number of responsibilities related to corporations; the largest portion office is the Business Programs Division, which handles corporate filings. The Business Entities Section processes, files and maintains records related to corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other business entities conducting or planning to conduct business in California.

Registries change

The office also maintains a number of registries, including the Safe at Home confidential address program and the Domestic Partners and Advance Health Care Directive.[3] Other roles of the secretary of state include safeguarding the California State Archives and sitting on the board of trustees of the California Museum, though the officeholder has not been responsible for the California State Library since 1862.[4][5]

Organization change

The Secretary of State's Office is divided into six main divisions:

  • Executive Division, which also includes the Office of Elections Cybersecurity and the Office of Voting Systems Technology Assessment.
  • Elections Division
  • Political Reform Division, which maintains the registry of lobbyists, campaign finances, etc.
  • Management Services Division, which includes accounting, human resources, building operations, etc.
  • Business Programs Division, which handles the registration of companies, notary services, etc.
  • State Archives, which also administers the State Museum that is a part of the Secretary of State's headquarters in downtown Sacramento.

The Secretary of State's Office also works in conjunction with the state Voting Modernization Board.

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