Senate of Romania

upper house in the bicameral Parliament of Romania

The Senate of Romania is one of the two parts of the parliament. It has 137 seats as of November, 2004.[source?] After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the Senate met in the "Palatul Senatului". That building is found in the Revolution Square.

The Senate

6th Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Anca Dragu
since 21 December 2020
  • - The Committee for legal affairs, appointments, discipline, immunities and validations;
    - Committee on Budget, finance, banking and capital market;
    - The commission for economy, industry and services;
    Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development;
    - The Committee on Foreign Affairs;
    Committee on public administration, the territory and environmental protection;
    - The Commission for defense, public order and national security;
    - Commission for work, family and social protection;
    Committee for Education, Science, Youth and Sports;
    - Committee on Public Health;
    Committee for culture, art and media information in the table;
    - Commission on Human Rights, religious and minority;
    The Committee on Equal Opportunities;
    - Commission for privatization and management of state assets;
    - Committee on research abuses, corruption and petitions;
1992 - 2008: Closed list, D'Hondt method
since 2008: nominal vote, Mixed member proportional representation
Last election
6 December 2020
Meeting place
Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest

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