Serie D

highest Italian non-professional association football league

Serie D is the top level of the non-professional football clubs in Italy. Serie D ranks just below Lega Pro Seconda Divisione.

Serie D
Founded1948 as Promozione Interregionale
1981 as Campionato Interregionale
CountryItaly Italy
Level on pyramid5


From the 1990's the league had 162 teams. The teams were split into 9 regional divisions, called Gironi. The divisions were usually formed of 18 teams. Teams were grouped based on location.

In the 2012–13 season there were 166 teams. Two groups are formed of 20 teams. The regions are divided as shown below:

Past WinnersEdit


  1. Successively not admitted to Serie C2.
  2. Successively not admitted to Serie C2.