specific area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by a specific object or person

A shadow is a dark area on a bright surface. It is caused by something that is blocking a source of light. A shadow's outline, called a silhouette, will have the same shape as the object blocking the light.

Shadow of a cactus on a wall
Three moons (Callisto, Europa and Io) and their shadows parade across Jupiter

Depending on the light source, or sources, a wide range of effects can be produced. A point source of light casts only a simple shadow, called an "umbra". A "penumbra" is the region in which only a portion of the light source may be blocked. If there is more than one light source, there will be several shadows, with the overlapping parts darker, and various combinations of brightness or even colours. The more diffuse the lighting is, the softer and more indistinct the shadow outlines become, until they disappear. The lighting of an overcast sky produces few visible shadows,

Astronomical shadows are usually sharp. This is because in space the light usually does not go through an atmosphere.Did you know that the sun is a star! And the sun is the biggest and main light source in our solar system.