Shin Saimdang

calligraphist and noted poet (1504-1551)

Shin Saimdang (Korean: 신사임당; 申師任堂, 29 October 1504 – 17 May 1551) or Lady Saimdang Shin (Korean: 사임당 신씨, 師任堂申氏) was an artist, poet, writer, and Confucian scholar during the Joseon dynasty of Korea. long time aged she was worship, honored as a symbol of wise mother and wife.

Lady Saimdang Shin on the 50,000 KRW bank note

Her real name was Inseon. Her pen names were Saimdang, Inimdang, Imdang, Imsajae. She was the mother of Yi I, the Korean philosopher.

Work change

Chochungdo, a painting genre initiated by Shin Saimdang, depicting plants and insects.

Poetry change

  • Looking Back at my Parents' Home while Going Over Daegwallyeong Pass(Hangul: 유대관령망친정, Hanja: 踰大關嶺望親庭)
  • Thinking of Parents (Hangul: 사친, Hanja: 思親), a poem about her mother.

Paintings change

  • Landscape (Hangul: 자리도, Hanja: 紫鯉圖)
  • Mountains and rivers (Hangul: 산수도, Hanja: 山水圖)
  • Grass and insect painting(Hangul: 초충도, Hanja: 草蟲圖)
  • Geese among reeds (Hangul: 노안도, Hanja: 蘆雁圖)

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