Heo Chohui

Korean Joseon dynastys poets, artist (1563-1589)

Heo Chohui (Korean: 허초희, Hanja: 許楚姬, 15631589) was Korean Joseon Dynastys poet, writer and painter. A Chinese style name was Gyungbeon(경번, 景樊), nickname was Nanseolheon(난설헌, 蘭雪軒).

one of a famous woman poet, artise of 16th Century Koreas, elder sister of Heo Gyun[1]

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  • "Nanseolheonjip"(난설헌집)

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  • "Angganbigeumdo" (앙간비금도)
  • "Mukjodo" (묵조도)

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  1. Author of nobel Honggildongjeon(홍길동전)

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