Sidney Nolan

Australian artist
Sidney Nolan in the 1940s

Sir Sidney Robert Nolan (1917—1992) is regarded as one of Australia's great artists.[1][2] He used many art forms including painting, drawing, printmaking, set design (for theatre), murals, spray painting and collage. He created over 10,000 individual art works,[1][3] considered a prolific, or large, number of works of art.[2][4][5]

Nolan is famous for his set of 27 Ned Kelly paintings.[1] His friend, Sunday Reed, donated 25 of the paintings to the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, where a special room has been built to display them.[6] In 2010 one of the Kelly paintings was given to the National Gallery of Victoria.[7] One of the Kelly paintings not owned by the museum was sold in March 2010 for AU$5.4 million. This was the highest price ever paid for an Australian painting.[8]

Nolan was born in Carlton, Victoria on 22 April 1917.[3] He attended Prahran Technical College and studied art at the National Gallery School in Melbourne.[1] In 1948 he moved to Sydney, New South Wales and then in 1953 he moved to London where he stayed until his death on 28 November 1992.[1]


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