Sinchi Roca

2nd ruler of the Kingdom of Cuzco (Inca Emperor)

Sinchi Roca, the second of fourteen Inca rulers of Peru, was the son of the founder of the Kingdom of Cusco. Sinchi Roca's parents arose from the waters of Lake Titicaca. According to legendary belief, During his time as an emperor, Sinchi Roca led his family to live in the valley of Cusco, and shortly afterwards, he built a territorial division of his territory and became an initiator of the first census of the Inca population and then established a law which required all people of the Inca ethnic group living in the Kingdom of Cusco, to pierce their ears as a sign of nobility. Many years later, Sinchi Roca died and was buried near Cusco, and thus ended his reign. Mama Cura was the wife of Sinchi Roca.