“Skhid” - journal of analysis and new ideas (ISSN 1728-9343). From 1995 to 2014 the Journal was published in Donetsk (Ukraine). From the late 2014 to date it has been published in Mariupol of Donetsk Region (Ukraine). Profile: “Skhid” highlights the results of research in economics, history and philosophy. Languages of the publication: Ukrainian, Russian and English. Periodicity: 6 issues a year.

Presentation of "Skhid" in the exhibition center "EXPO-Donbas"

During the years of activity (1995-2019) the journal managed to attract authoritative authorship while providing opportunities for young authors to publish research results.

Scientometrics: INDEX COPERNICUS VALUE (ICV) 2015 - 64,77[1] 2014 - 64.29[2]

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