Slim Harpo

American blues musician (1924-1970)

James Moore, known as Slim Harpo, (January 11, 1924 — January 31, 1970) was a famous blues musician born in Lobdell, Louisiana, USA.[1] He played in the style called Swamp blues.

As a child he learned to play the guitar and the harmonica. He started playing in the 1940's and in 1948 became a full time musician, using the name "Harmonica Slim".[2] He changed his name to "Harpo Slim" in the 1950's.[2]

He had several hit recordings including, "King Bee" in 1957, "Raining in my Heart" in 1961 and "Scratch My Back" in 1966.[2]

The Rolling Stones recorded "King Bee" on their first album.[2]

Harpo Slim died from a heart attack in 1970.


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