Smile (Charlie Chaplin song)

song based on a theme in Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, lyrics by Geoffrey Parsons and John Turner

"Smile" is a song with music composed by Charlie Chaplin. This music was the theme for the soundtrack of one of Chaplin's movies, Modern Times (1936). The music had no lyrics. It was originally written in D minor. John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons added lyrics and a title in 1954.[1] The lyrics are based on lines and themes from the movie. The singer is telling the listener to smile and be optimistic. "Smile" has become a popular song since its original use in Chaplin's movie.

The song, with its lyrics, was originally sung by Nat King Cole

in Judy Garland sang a memorable version of "Smile" on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1963.

Michael Jackson recorded his own version of the song in March 1993 for his album HIStory: Past, Present and Future in 1995. The song was also recorded by Jimmy Durante as part of his album Jackie Barnett Presents Hello Young Lovers. Durante's version was used prominently in the teaser trailer of the 2019 film Joker and is part of the film's soundtrack.


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