Smoke (movie)

1995 film directed by Wayne Wang

Smoke is an American independent movie released in 1995. It was produced by Hisami Kuroiwa, Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein. It was directed by Wayne Wang and Paul Auster. Auster also wrote the screenplay.

Theatrical Release Poster
Directed byWayne Wang, Paul Auster
Written byPaul Auster
Produced byHarvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, Hisami Kuroiwa
StarringHarvey Keitel,
William Hurt,
Harold Perrineau Jr.,
Forest Whitaker,
Stockard Channing,
Ashley Judd
Music byRachel Portman
Distributed byMiramax
Release date
June 9, 1995
Running time
112 minutes
CountryUnited States


Harvey Keitel, William Hurt, Victor Argo, Forest Whitaker, Ashley Judd, Stockard Channing and Harold Perrineau Jr. all appear in the movie.


The movie follows the lives of several characters. Their lives are connected because they are all customers at a small tobacco shop in Brooklyn, New York. The store manager is the main character, Auggie (Harvey Keitel). In the movie, the Brooklyn Cigar Co. was on the corner of 16th Street and Prospect Park West.


Blue in the Face was the next movie by the same directors. It follows the lives of some of the same characters and new characters join the story.




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