Socialist Workingmen's Party

Socialist Workingmen's Party is a communist political party based in Turkey. It was founded in 2016.

Socialist Workingmen's Party
Sosyalist Emekçiler Partisi
PresidentGüneş Gümüş
FoundedApril 21, 2016
HeadquartersÇankaya, Ankara, Turkey
NewspaperSosyalist Gazete (Socialist Newspaper)
Membership (2023)Decrease27[1] (in Turkey)
Political positionFar-left
International affiliationSocialist Middle East
Colors     Red and      gold
SloganSosyalizm kazanacak! (Socialism will be win!)



The SEP fights for socialism, where social equality is ensured all over the world, and the capitalist system is buried in history with the coming to power of the workers. The founder of revolutionary Marxism in Turkey, in his own words, is Mustafa Suphi, who came to Anatolia to establish a "workers and peasants council government on the way of world communism".[2]

He argues that ethno-religious divisions, nationalism, imperialist and capitalist systems in Turkey and the Middle East can only be responded to with the class struggle of the working people and the oppressed. It aims to build a Leninist revolutionary vanguard party to create a socialist Middle East, to organize the workers and oppressed to abolish capitalist private property.

The SEP claims that the working class can come to power and that the only revolutionary program of the socialist revolution in the 21st century is the program of permanent revolution.

International organization


The SEP has carried out theoretical productions and practical organizational activities in order to build a new international. The party was among the founders of the International Socialist Union (ISL), whose founding steps were taken at the 2019 Barcelona Conference. SEP left ISL in September 2022 due to the NATOist tendencies of Argentina-MST, one of the three main sections of ISL, and the Ukrainian nationalist statements and actions of the leader of the Ukrainian section. SEP explains the detailed reasons for leaving ISL in "Letter to ISL Members: Why Did We Leave ISL?".[3] Party theorists produced explanations about the imperialist rivalry in the world and the US-China tension.[4][5]

SEP, Socialist Middle East continues its internationalist organization activities through its website. The İnqilabin səsi ("Voice of Revolution") was established with Azerbaijani revolutionary Marxists in November 2022.[6] The İnqilabin səsi noting that Azerbaijani and Armenian workers are brothers, he stressed that the enemity between Azerbaijan and Armenia should be ended immediately.[7]


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