Sonic X-treme

cancelled video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series

Sonic X-treme was a platform game developed by Sega Technical Institute. It was being developed from 1994 until Sega cancelled it in 1997. It was meant to be the first 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game. It was also meant to be the first new Sonic game for the Sega Saturn.

Sonic X-treme
Conceptual box art
Developer(s)Sega Technical Institute
Producer(s)Mike Wallis
  • Chris Coffin
  • Ofer Alon
  • Ross Harris
  • Fei Cheng
  • Andrew Probert
Composer(s)Howard Drossin
SeriesSonic the Hedgehog

Background change

When Nintendo released Super Mario 64, it was a popular 3D platformer, so Sega wanted to compete with Nintendo with their own 3D Sonic game.

Development change

Sonic X-treme was developed for the Sega 32x, but then development moved to the Sega Saturn.

Story change

The story of the game was that Robotnik was trying to steal six magic rings from Tiara Boobowski and her father, so Sonic wants to stop him.

Cancelation change

Sonic X-treme was canceled in 1997 because of development issues and crunch time. To make up for this, SEGA put Sonic 3D Blast on the SEGA Saturn instead.