Southern Cross Station

railway station in Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Southern Cross Station is a railway station in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of five stations in the mostly underground City Loop and the main hub for V/Line's services outside Melbourne, via Bus and Train. The station was called Spencer Street Station until December 13, 2005[1]

Southern CrossSouthern Cross
Southern Cross railway station Melbourne
Station information
Code SSS
Distance from
Flinders St
1.2 km
Line All lines
V/Line Trains
terminate here
# Platforms 15
# Tracks 22
Status Premium station
Metlink profile Link
Google map Link
GPS Coordinates 37°49′6.09″S
Zone 1
V Line locomotive A70 at Spencer Street Station, Melbourne, in 1996

Station Navigation
Metropolitan service
"City Loop"
Anti - Clockwise Flinders Street | Flagstaff Clockwise
Broadmeadows, Flemington Racecourse, Sydenham, Upfield, Werribee & Williamstown lines
Previous Station Refer to City Loop | North Melbourne Next Station
Regional service
Ararat, Albury, Echuca, Shepparton, Swan Hill & Warrnambool lines
Next Station North Melbourne
Bairnsdale line
Next Station Flinders Street
Entire regional network
Entire CountryLink network


  1. Murphy, Mathew; The Age (December 14 2005), Time's up at last for railway landmark. Retrieved December 13 2005.

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