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Spike could mean:

  • Nail, especially one more than 100mm (4 inches) long
  • Rail spikes used to secure railroad rails to the wooden ties
  • Spiked shoes worn by athletes, which provide more traction (similar to cleats)
  • An adolescent male deer or male elk
  • The Spike is a widely used nickname for the Spire of Dublin, a massive needle-like structure erected in Dublin in 2003
  • Spike TV, a cable network that caters to a young male demographic (originally known as TNN, The National Network, or The Nashville Network)
  • Spike missile, an Israel-developed guided anti-tank missile
  • Spike bayonet, chiefly used on early muskets
  • Voltage spike, or electrical surge
  • The action potential which transmits signals along a nerve axon is often called a spike
  • Spike is a botanical term for an unbranched, indeterminate inflorescence with sessile flowers arranged along the axis
  • Spike (company), a video game company
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In sports, Spike may refer to:

  • A spike is an offensive attack in volleyball
  • Spiking in American football is to throw the ball forcefully and intentionally into the ground
  • In Track and Field and cross country running, spiking an opponent (or sometimes, inadvertently, a team mate) is to kick them with the metal spikes in the bottom of the runner's shoe