Sports Reference

American company which operates several sports-related websites

Sports Reference, LLC is an American company which runs sports - based websites. These sites provided statistics for many different sports. They include, for baseball, for basketball , for ice hockey, for American football, and for association football (soccer).[1][2] Between 2008 and 2020, Sports Reference also had pages for Olympic Games.

Sports Reference
Company typePrivate
Industrysports technology, data, and content
FoundedAugust 2004; 19 years ago (2004-08)
FounderSean Forman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Baseball Reference
  • Basketball Reference
  • Pro Football Reference
  • Hockey Reference
  • FBref
  • SR/College Basketball
  • SR/College Football
  • Stathead

Description change

In addition to professional sports, the site also has sections on college football, college basketball and the Olympics.[3] The sites tries to give its users all the sports data they can. For example, Baseball-Reference has more than 100,000 box scores. Pro-Football-Reference has information on every scoring play in the National Football League since 1941.[1]

The company is based in the Mount Airy area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was founded as Sports Reference in 2004. The company was incorporated as Sports Reference LLC in 2007.[4][1][5]

Olympics change

Sports Reference added a site for the Olympic Games in July 2008.[6][7]

The company said in December 2016 that the Olympics site was to be shut down. It was being closed because of a change in its licensing agreement.[8] Since then, data for the 2016 Summer Olympics has been added.[9] The site was not updated for the 2018 Winter Olympics.[10][8] Sports Reference closed its Olympic site on May 14, 2020.[11]

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