White Mountain School

private, boarding and coeducational school in Bethlehem, NH, US
(Redirected from St. Mary's School)

The White Mountain School (also called just White Mountain or WMS) is an independent school in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, USA. In 1886, the school was an all-girls school called St. Mary's School. On January 3, 1964, the school's main building was burned down, so the administration decided to rebuild the school. Six years later, in 1970, the school started to accept male students. In 1971, the school was renamed White Mountain School.

The school has students in four grades: 9 through 12. These are the high school grades. The school has about 100 students, 55 males and 45 females. There are nearly 20 international students, 15 of which are Chinese. Most of students come from 25 states and a dozen countries. Half of the students receive financial aid given by the school.

The school has 250 acres of land between the towns of Bethlehem and Littleton. The campus has a main building, four dormitories, a building for science and math classes, a gym with cardio machines and weight-lifting equipment, an indoor rock climbing wall, a theater, squash courts and faculty housing.