Status Quo

British rock band

Status Quo, also known as The Quo or just Quo, is a rock band from England. They were called "The Status Quo" in late 1967, and settled on the name "Status Quo" in 1970. They have recorded over 60 chart hits in the UK, and have sold a total of 118 million records worldwide. They have also had a total of 33 hit albums in the UK charts - more than any other band other than the Rolling Stones. Their hayday was in the early to mid '70's with hits like Caroline, Whatever You Want, and Down Down. They formed in 1962, changed their name to The Status Quo in 1967 and to Status Quo in 1969.

Status Quo
Background information
Also known asThe Quo, Quo, The Spectres, Traffic, Traffic Jam, The Status Quo
OriginLondon, England
Years active1962–present
LabelsFourth Chord, Sanctuary, Eagle, Polydor, Vertigo, Pye
MembersFrancis Rossi
Andy Bown
John "Rhino" Edwards
Matt Letley
Past member(s)Rick Parfitt
Alan Lancaster
John Coghlan
Jess Jaworski
Roy Lynes
Pete Kircher
Jeff Rich

Although sometimes criticized for a repetitive and apparently simple guitar riff sequence and harmonies on many of their numbers, their musical versatility can be heard in some of their earlier or less well-known numbers, such as Ice in the Sun, Pictures of Matchstick Men and Forty-Five Hundred Times. The latter probably highlights, more than any other, Rossi and Parfitt's talent for close vocal and guitar harmonies, which owe much to the English folk and folk/rock genres. Whether intentional or not this has become their hallmark.

Status Quo famously opened the Live Aid concert in 1985 with 'Rocking All Over the World' - the then largest live television broadcast ever.

Rick Parfitt died in 2016 from sepsis in Spain.

Band members change

  • Francis Rossi - Vocals / Lead Guitar (1962 - present)
  • Rick Parfitt - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar (1967 - 2016)
  • Andy Bown - Keyboards/ Guitar/ Harmonica / Backing Vocals (1973 - present)
  • John 'Rhino' Edwards -Bass Guitar/ Guitar/ Backing Vocals (1986 - present)
  • Leon Cave - Drums, Percussion (2013 - present)

Timeline change

The Scorpions (1962)
The Scorpions (1962)
The Spectres (1963)
The Spectres (1964-1967)
Traffic Jam (1967)
The Status Quo (1967-1970)
Status Quo (1971-1973)
Status Quo (1973-1981)
Status Quo (1982-1985)
Status Quo (1986-2000)
Status Quo (2000 - 2013)
Status Quo (2013 - Present)