Steamboat Willie

1928 American animated short film

Steamboat Willie is a short film that Walt Disney made in 1928. It was about Mickey Mouse. It wasn’t the first Mickey Mouse cartoon but it was the cartoon that made Mickey Mouse popular. On January 1, 2024, Steamboat Willie entered the public domain.[1]

Steamboat Willie

Summary change

Mickey Mouse is whistling on a boat but then Captain Pete yells at him for not doing his job of cleaning the boat. While the boat starts leaving, Minnie Mouse shows up but misses the boat so Mickey takes a hook from the boat and gives Minnie a wedgie to lift her onto the boat. Minnie takes her Ukuleles onto the boat but the goats on the boat eat Minnie’s music sheet, so Mickey uses the goats as Instrumentation so he and Minnie can play music. Captain Pete complains that Mickey isn’t doing his job and makes him peel potatoes. A parrot then laughs at Mickey.

Influence change

Steamboat Willie led to cartoons with sound in them becoming popular and to Walt Disney making a lot of sound cartoons about Mickey Mouse who then became a popular character. Some people think that Steamboat Willie was Mickey’s name back then but it wasn’t. Steamboat Willie was the name of the boat.

References change

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2. Steamboat Willie has come back in horror movies