form of Norwegian folk song consisting of four line lyric stanzas

Stev is a form of poetry. It can be found in lyric poetry from Scandinavia. Stev are made of stanzas, that have four lines

The different types of stevEdit

There are different types of stev:

The people who can perform stevEdit

A person who can perform a stev, is known as a kveder (a type of artist). Aslak Brekke is possibly the most well known of those who have been recorded. A kveder from Setesdal, when performing stev, usually sings more slowly, than a kveder from Telemark.[ref 2] One reason for this may be that the text of Setesdal stev are usually more meditative (or elegiac).[ref 2]


  1. "inn-stev" can also be spelled "innstev"
  2. "etter-stev" can also be spelled "etterstev"
  3. "mellom-sleng" can also be spelled "mellomsleng"
  4. "etter-sleng" can also be spelled "ettersleng"


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