Stevie Ray Vaughan

American guitarist, songwriter and recording artist

Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990) was an American blues guitarist. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He was one of the world's most influential electric blues guitarists of the 1980s. His most basic guitar licks were influenced by Albert King. In one on stage performance the temperamental musician stated that Stevie Ray Vaughan was of his own blood line. Early breakouts include Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's Texas Flood album including their Hits, Texas Flood, and their upbeat version of Pride and Joy. He died in a helicopter crash in East Troy, Wisconsin. In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Stevie Ray Vaughan #7 in their list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.[1] He died in August 27th 1990, from a helicopter crash.

Stevie Ray Vaughan


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