Stranger Than Fiction

Bad Religion album

Stranger Than Fiction is the eighth album by American punk rock band Bad Religion, released in 1994. This was their first album released on the major label Atlantic Records (however Atlantic did re-release their previous album, Recipe for Hate) and also its last release with guitarist Brett Gurewitz, who left just prior to the 1994-1995 world tour, but returned to the band seven years later. On tour, Gurewitz was replaced by Brian Baker, who would stay with the band permanently.

Stranger Than Fiction
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 6, 1994
RecordedApril-May 1994 at Rumbo Recorders in Canoga Park, California
GenrePunk rock
ProducerAndy Wallace and Bad Religion
Bad Religion chronology
Recipe for Hate
Stranger Than Fiction
All Ages

Because of sales continuing sixteen years after its release, many consider Stranger Than Fiction to be one of Bad Religion's most successful albums, featuring two of their famous hits, "Infected" and the re-recorded version of "21st Century (Digital Boy)", which both earned airplay on MTV and radio stations, such as KROQ. The latter single was originally recorded in 1990 on their fifth album Against the Grain. The album included two more, "Stranger Than Fiction" and "Incomplete", which failed to make any national chart.

As of 2010, Stranger Than Fiction remains the only Bad Religion record to get gold status in the United States.

Track listing change

  1. "Incomplete" (Gurewitz) - 2:28
  2. "Leave Mine To Me" (Graffin) - 2:07
  3. "Stranger Than Fiction" (Gurewitz) - 2:20
  4. "Tiny Voices" (Graffin) - 2:36
  5. "The Handshake" (Graffin) - 2:50
  6. "Better Off Dead" (Gurewitz) - 2:39
  7. "Infected" (Gurewitz) - 4:08
  8. "Television" (Gurewitz/Johnette Napolitano) - 2:03
  9. "Individual" (Graffin) - 1:58
  10. "Hooray for Me..." (Gurewitz) - 2:50
  11. "Slumber" (Graffin) - 2:39
  12. "Marked" (Gurewitz) - 1:48
  13. "Inner Logic" (Graffin) - 2:58
  14. "What It Is" (Graffin) - 2:08
  15. "21st Century (Digital Boy)" (Gurewitz) - 2:47

Bonus tracks change

  1. "News from the Front" (Gurewitz/Bentley/Schayer) - 2:22 (Europe and Japan bonus track)
  2. "Markovian Process" (Graffin) - 1:29 (Europe and Japan bonus track)
  3. "Leaders and Followers" (Graffin) - 2:40 (Japan only bonus track) [1]

B-Sides change

  1. "Mediocrity" (Graffin) - 2:45

Personnel change

References change

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