String instrument

musical instrument that generates tones by one or more strings stretched between two points

A string instrument is a musical instrument that makes sound by vibrating the strings on it. The strings are plucked to produce sounds. Each string has a different frequency. The desired frequency can be obtained by adjusting the tension on the string. A string instrument plays soft notes. The strings on the instrument usually come in many shapes and forms. There are many types of stringed instruments. The most common of these appear in the violin family. The violin is a small, stringed instrument played with a bow, usually made of horse's hair. When the bow is drawn across the strings it creates a vibration. You can select what vibration the bow makes by choosing the note on the fingerboard. It is tuned to G, D, A and E. The viola is a very similar instrument aside from some small differences - it is slightly larger, and is tuned to C, G, D, and A. The cello is a stringed instrument that is played in the bass clef. It is much bigger than the violin, and is also played much differently. The double-bass is bigger still and is the lowest of them all.

A Moodswinger, a strange type of string instrument with a movable rod under the strings

There are also plucked strings, the most famous of which would probably be the guitar. The guitar uses a fret board and a pick to pluck the strings while holding down on the fret board. It was made famous by rock groups like Led Zeppelin and artists like Eric Clapton. You play by strumming with one hand while choosing notes on the fret-board (string board) with the other. Banjos are also very similar.

Here is a very basic list of some of the most common stringed instruments:

Traditional Russian Balalaika, a stringed instrument.this can be have four to five strings
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • String bass
  • Harp

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