Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers (Arabic: فلفل محشي‎) is one of the traditional cooked dishes of Libyan cuisine. It is made of green peppers stuffed with minced meat, parsley, cheese and onions.

El filfl el makhshee


How to prepareEdit

Mix the meat with parsley, onion, eggs, and cheese, then put all the spices on it after that  Grind the peppers and put a little flour on the face and then fry them and serve them with tomato sauce.[1]

Other countriesEdit

The dish of stuffed peppers exists in other countries and cultures. It is sometimes cooked and served as a main course for vegetarians and vegans and has different recipes and preparation methods. The dish is traditionally prepared with bell peppers, although in some places, poblano peppers (a type of mild chili pepper) are used.

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