Japanese automobile manufacturing company

Subaru is a car company that is part of a larger Japanese company called Fuji Heavy Industries, who also makes other things like buses and airplanes. Subaru builds cars in Japan and also builds cars in the state of Indiana. 1953

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Their cars are known for having all-wheel drive, which means that the engine drives all four wheels, instead of just the wheels in the front or in the back. They also have boxer engines, which means that the pistons and the cylinders in the engine fire left to right instead of up and down or at an angle.

The name Subaru is a Japanese word for a star cluster in the sky named Pleiades, and the company logo has the stars in its picture in the same place as they are in the sky.

History change

1954 Subaru P-1, the first Subaru car

Fuji Heavy Industries in 1954 built a car called the Subaru P-1. It was named by the person who was CEO, Kenji Kita. From 1954 to 1997 the company designed and built other vehicles including the tiny 360 (1958), the Sambar (1961), the 1000 (1965), the R2 (1969), the Leone (1971), the Domingo (1983), the Alcyone (1985), the Legacy (1989), the Impreza (1993), the Sambar EV electric van (1995), and the Forester (1997).